I was born and bred in Milwaukee Wisconsin, so while I'm now a full-on Manhattanite, I like to think there's still a little midwestern charm left in me.

I started my musical career at age five when my parents realized their kindergartner was harmonizing to the Spice Girls from her carseat and that should probably be addressed. I was selected as a member of the Milwaukee Children’s Choir, a prestigious, pre-professional choir where I began my classical vocal training. Throughout my adolescence I studied classical voice privately between my ballet, tap, jazz, and piano lessons (the latter I now thank my parents for making me go to). At a young age I was awarded First Place State Solo and Ensemble awards for both classical voice and musical theatre performance. Even as a middle schooler, my passion for music and performance was evident and showed no signs of slowing down. 






Musical Theater Lover

I was introduced to musical theatre when I attended a children's theatre intensive at age seven. I found a place where I could combine my three loves of singing, acting, and dancing and I was hooked. Throughout middle school and high school I performed in every musical the Blue Ribbon, Elmbrook School district and my community had to offer in order to broaden my repertoire. I had a dream that no friend, parent, or persistent Guidance Councilor could talk me out of.




AMDA Trained

I'm ever grateful for the discipline and technique my classical training gave me, but I decided that rather than pursue opera, I'd make the move to the big city to study musical theatre. No, not that big city, the other one. I studied musical theatre performance at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles, California. It was there that I really learned about the performance industry as a whole, dabbling in film for the first time and finding my love of modeling, which I still pursue today. Though till this day I miss that Cali sun and avocados that only cost $1, I took advantage of the split campus program the American Musical and Dramatic Academy offers and graduated from the New York Campus Conservatory in the Spring of 2016


World Performer

Shortly after graduation, I was hired by Norwegian Creative Studios as a lead vocalist for Oceania Cruises. After an eight month trip around the globe, I'm excited to be back on land in the greatest city in the world. I am a passionate, determined young woman who thanks God everyday for the gift of song. My hope is to always stay true to the person I've become and to inspire audiences in the same way so many actresses have inspired me.

I'm always looking for new opportunities. Maybe that's you.